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Rise For Black Trans Lives 

Welcome to the Rising For Black Trans Lives event page, an influential gathering aimed at centering Black trans voices and honoring those who have tragically lost their lives due to the epidemic of anti-trans violence nationwide. As we celebrate PRIDE month, we must recognize the burdens borne by Black trans women and the vital contributions they have made to multiple social justice movements.

During this event, we have a unique program that highlights and celebrates the remarkable contributions Black trans women have made throughout history. Their dedication to justice and equality is a testament to progress and resilience. It is crucial that we share our experiences and amplify our voices to create a more inclusive society.

At Rising For Black Trans Lives, we also pose a critical question: What will we do to protect our trans community? As citizens of this country, it is our duty to protect the liberties and freedoms that being American is meant to define. We must stand up for those who are the least protected, least heard, and least supported among us. Rising For Black Trans Lives is a call to action, urging each and every one of you to join us in this critical fight.

While PRIDE month is a time for many queer and trans individuals to express themselves freely, we must acknowledge that specific communities within the LGBTQI community exist on the edges of society, marginalized and voiceless. We cannot address these problems solely at an individual level when they impact our families and communities as a whole. Our collective responsibility is to stand in solidarity and fight for justice, equality, and liberation for all.

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 A high school student, wearing a graduation cap and gown and a protective mask, receives a Certificate of Achievement from Rise for Black Trans Lives. The certificate acknowledges their activism, including participation in Black Lives Matter protests during the George Floyd unrest. The image represents the importance of allyship and supporting young activists.

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